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This series was written by Hiroshi Takashige and is illustrated by DOUBLE-S.

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The future is a great unknown. Throughout history, those who have been graced with the power to read it have been sought by many. In this day and age, the term "prophet" is outdated. "Precog," as in precognition, is the modern term.

Yet when the powers of precognition is graced upon a young girl named Haruka Touyama, she is sought after by a powerful organization. Utilizing her powers, Haruka makes contact with Mamoru Hijikata, a blind swordsman. When cornered by her captors, she proposes an outrageous condition to Mamoru. She wants him to protect her until death do them part.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Mamoru Hijikata: A blind swordsman who was sought out by Haruka Touyama. Mamoru is a serious man who live his life for the sole purpose of perfecting his swordsmanship. Rather than living by the "Way of the Sword," Mamoru pursue his life by the "Art of the sword." For the sake of his purpose, he is willing to fight against enemies who are immeasurably stronger than him even at the cost of his own life.

Haruka Touyama: A girl with a unique skill of precognition. Although it is not omnipotent, with enough exposure, Haruka can see the future. Having this ability has made her the target of very power people. Although in her outward appearance she acts very mature and kind, her inner self is a spoil and normal teenage girl.


Until Death Do Us Part is serialized in Japan by Square Enix in Japan and by Yen Press in America.

In Japan, there are currently 18 volumes in print. The second volume was released in America in September 2012.